How to Resolve Issues with Web Design Birmingham!
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When it comes to web design Birmingham, there are always some certain issues that prevent internet users from browsing conveniently from a site. Here are 4 of the most common web design issues, and how to alleviate them.

1. Bad scaling of page. It is important for a web design Birmingham to adapt to different window dimensions, whether it’s for a large screen, a mobile phone, an iPad or a small screen smartphone. Customers must have an easy viewing experience, without having to scroll too much to get to the information they need. Make sure that the DPI format will be readable in any screen size.

2. Broken Links. There is nothing more annoying than a link that prompts a message that says, ‘The page you’ve requested is not available.’ As a brand, you need to ensure that your clients can find whatever they’re looking for, with utmost convenience. Always check and update logs to find links with errors.

3. Lacks text equivalent. A text equivalent is always important because it adds up to the relevance of the site in SERPs and SEO techniques. It also provides information that the customer needs. This is also crucial for images that represent external links.

4. Wrong image dimensions. When an image is not rendered according to the page’s proper size, the page will blow up and would take longer to load. Always make sure that the image size is standard, and indicated in the tag.

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